Sunday, May 1, 2011

Three Month Report

The biggest success of this whole adventure, I think, is that I've gone through three months with a couple of deviations here and there but I've never actually "fallen off the wagon" as such. I've discovered that I can have a little bit of milk or cheese here and there, but not a bunch. (Which is a shame, because I always want a bunch.) Corn chips won't kill me but they make me retain water like a son of a bitch and feel vaguely lethargic, and potato chips are fine but I am inevitably starving an hour later. But in general, as long as I actually make it to the grocery store regularly I'm pretty much ok eating home-cooked, high-quality meat and veggies all the time.

I've lost around 25 pounds since Feb 1, which is great. But now the interesting part begins - I'm at the low end of what's been "normal" since I put on all this weight in a hurry five years ago, and I've never been able to stay below it for more than about a week. Will I continue to lose weight now? That's the big question. I certainly hope so.

My joints are doing well. I'm still weather-sensitive, but my day-to-day stiffness and discomfort is basically gone. I've been lifting weights with no issues, and I'm back on a pretty regular karate schedule. (It was pretty striking to see what a difference that 25 pounds made, even though the better part of it was water. Pushups are much easier now!)

Other than my ongoing caffeine addiction, I feel pretty good about my current lifestyle and I'm eager to see where it goes from here on out.

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